Employee Retention vs. Headhunters

Employee Retention vs. Headhunters

“The workforce is pretty mobile, and we are not talking about working from home or remotely”

Recently, reports from respected research firms indicate that between 60% to as high as 75% of current employees would seriously consider a job change.  The numbers vary, but clearly the risk has been identified.

So, what can an employer do to reduce the risk of losing their top talent and valued employee?   When we speak with potential candidates, there is always what we term the “Pushes” and “Pulls”.  What is pushing you to consider a new opportunity, and what will pull you towards a new opportunity?  Normally they are not equally weighted, and typically, the “Pulls” need to be greater than the “Pushes” for someone to make a job change.

Employees rarely quit their jobs, they typically fire their managers.

Below are the 3 most common “Pulls” identified during our conversations with top talent that lead them to consider a job or career change.  And frankly, these are not much different from the information we captured in 2014 and 2015.

  1. Good work / life balance, and that does not mean limiting their job to 40 hours a week. Flexibility is a key issue, especially with employees who have a working spouse and / or are raising a family.
  2. Engaged work environment where tangible and beneficial career development occurs to further their personal career, and they feel like they are making a meaningful contribution to their employer.
  3. Confidence the company’s leadership team will hear their voice and value their input when it comes to making decisions that will impact their lives and career.   No one likes to be told what to do.  Employees tremendously value management who listen to their employees, and clearly try to incorporate their feedback into business operations or plans when it makes sense.

It may sound crazy, but we sincerely hope management makes our job more challenging in the future.   If your company is growing, and acquiring the right technical talent for the right position is on your strategic task list, Apollo Staffing welcomes the opportunity to assist you.

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