Some candidates may be so content with their current jobs that they are not actively considering leaving.

Talent war extends outward to passive job candidates

Most reports on the ongoing talent war among hiring managers characterize the battlefield as being littered with impassioned and talented job candidates drawing the attention of companies in competition for their services. Many of these workers are unemployed or are at least actively looking to find a new job.

But, a percentage of the workforce that may not often be considered when the talent war is discussed in the media are passive candidates, who are not actively searching for a job, but would be interested in exploring a new opportunity if presented with it.

According to a Harris Interactive poll, economic conditions have forced a majority of employees – 54 percent – to say that they are unlikely to look for a new job in the next year.  However a recent LinkedIn poll indicated that 87% of respondents would be interested in hearing about a new opportunity if approached.  This suggests that businesses need to realize that current employers represent even more competition in the talent war, and if they’re serious about adding an “impact player” companies will need to utilize proactive avenues in identifying and recruiting talent.

Once companies identify a candidate whose skills it feels align with their business, they should strike fast to bring that worker into the fold. Top industry talent will not hesitate to move on from a particular offer if they are not completely satisfied with it or to remain in their current jobs – they will likely have other competitive offers to turn to.

Businesses should do everything in their power to roll out the red carpet for these candidates, whether that means offering them a sizable compensation package or emphasizing the other high-quality members of the team that a new employee would be joining.

When recruiting the best talent – those who can have a substantial and lasting impact on a business – companies may need an ally during the talent war if they are to find the ideal candidates and win them over. A staffing agency with experience in the IT industry is best equipped to fill this role.

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