Top 3 Company Interviewing Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid these 3 common mistakes and substantially improve the
outcome of your interviewing results

process-1# 1 – Inefficient / Poorly Defined Interview Process

You are a technical organization or company, right? Logical, well thought out approaches to solving a customer’s problem or internal technical challenges is a hallmark of success, and breeds customer satisfaction and loyalty. So why do so many smaller technology firms or organizations have difficulty embracing the same approach when it comes to interviewing staff? One answer is that interviewing is not an event smaller firms perform with great regularity. Hiring is an irregular effort, and with important challenges many companies may not always embrace. Ideally, establish the most important goals and desired results to be achieved, before conducting the interview. Don’t just wing it based primarily on reviewing the content of a resume during the interview.


arm-wrestling# 2 – The “Testosterone Interview” – Grilling vs. Interviewing.

Anyone can come up with a question (or two, or three) that no candidate can answer during an interview, despite how good they may be. If the goal of tough questions is to see how someone approaches problem solving or critical thinking skills, then let the candidate know you are as interested in their critical thinking / problem solving skills, as you are hopeful they may have the immediate correct answer. If the candidate does poorly on basic or fundamental questions, then no need to drill deeper to show technical superiority.



Chart-up# 3 – Not Selling the Career / Growth Path During the Interview.

Interviews are a two-way street. Candidates interviewing are also forming impressions / assessments of what their career could look like with a new employer. During the interview, don’t forget to offer strategic insights or concrete examples of a firm’s growth, and how that growth has been influenced by hiring the right staff. If possible, provide examples of career growth and training that other employees have benefited from.



Acquiring the right talent for the right job has consistently ranked in the top 3 strategic challenges business owners and CEOs face, year after year. In times when the demand for talent is high, and the technical talent pool is tight, well thought out interview processes take on even more importance.

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