Staffing Services

Staffing Services

Apollo Staffing’s services are contingency and exclusively performance based. That means we pay very close attention to not only your needs, but to the viability of our delivery services against your requirements.  Apollo Staffing recognizes every client has specific and unique skillset requirements necessary to solve their technical staffing needs.  We pay attention to your domain and industry expertise requirements, the functional and technical skills necessary to perform the role, and the social fabric of our client’s organization.

Apollo Staffing provides 3 delivery models for your technical staffing requirements:


Contract to Hire

Direct Hire

Contract Technical Staffing Services

Apollo Staffing strives to deliver Consulting Caliber Professionals at Staff Augmentation rates; for both short term and long term contract engagements.  Technical professionals who work for Apollo Staffing during the contract engagement are W-2 employees of Apollo, and not 1099 contractors. Our Contractors are provided access to the same healthcare benefits as our corporate staff, and at the same cost structure.   Additionally, our contractors are covered under commercial liability insurance, Errors & Omissions, workers compensation insurance, and other related coverage for the protection of our clients.

We understand contractors do not operate in a vacuum.  Even though they are contractors, they work side by side with your full time staff, and your deliverables don’t change based on a technical classification of the employment status.

Contract to Hire Staffing Services

As with our Contract Staffing Services, the same effort and recruiting due diligence goes into this delivery model.  The same benefits and insurance coverage is provided to the Apollo employee during the contract to hire duration. Apollo Staffing employs a straight forward, linearly declining conversion fee based on total hours billed, during a 6 month contract to hire duration.

Direct Hire Staffing Services

If you need to hire a technical professional for a full time, direct hire position; Apollo delivers.

Apollo Staffing’s direct hire staffing service employs a proven and pragmatic 6 step search approach. These defined and measurable steps ensure higher probability of successfully identifying and evaluating talent, representing our client’s opportunity in a professional and accurate manner, and working with both our clients and the identified professionals through the entire life cycle of the talent acquisition process.  The successful outcome of a search is based on the processes employed, and the precision in which the process is executed.  See Our Search Methodology to learn more about Apollo Staffing’s approach to successfully deliver on your talent acquisition requirements.